Aviation Noise & Emissions Symposium

2019 Program PDFs

Ready or Not... The Future is Here!

Every year our Program Committee meets to brainstorm the most important topics facing the aviation industry with relation to noise and emissions problems and solutions. Our group shares the issues they have seen affecting constituents recently and issues just over the horizon. Take a look below to see the topics we will be focusing on this year.

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Sunday, March 3rd

NextGen 101: 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM (PDF Presentation)

Emissions & Air Quality 101: 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM Cancelled

Noise 101: 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM (PDF Presentation)

ANO Annual Discussion: 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Community Group Annual Gathering: 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM (PDF Summary Document)


Monday, March 4th

7:00 AM

Check-in and Breakfast

Continental breakfast sponsored by 01dB ACOEM Group 

8:00 AM

Keynote: Airspace Modernization and Sustainability - A View From the UK (PDF Presentation)

Ian Jopson, National Air Traffic Service, UK  

8:50 AM

PBN: What is it and why is it necessary? This introductory session will provide an overview of the next generation of navigation systems (NextGen) and a systematic review of Performance Based Navigation (PBN). From wheels-up to touchdown, we’ll look into the benefits and technical challenges of PBN.

Chair: Xiaobo Liu, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey & Clint Morrow, BridgeNet International

Why does New York need PBN? by Ralph Tamburro, Airport Delay Reduction, Port Authority of NY & NJ (PDF Presentation)

PBN Past and Future by Joseph Post,  NAS Systems Engineering & Integration, FAA (PDF Presentation)

PBN - The Science and Application to High Density Terminal Arrivals by William Johnson, NASA (PDF Presentation)

10:00 AM


10:30 AM

Possibilities within the framework

Chairs: Ian Jopson, NATS & Jennifer Lewis, Metropolitan Airports Commission

Development of Approach and Departure Procedure Modifications to Reduce Community Noise by John Hansman, MIT (PDF Presentation)

FAA efforts to understand and address aviation noise challenges by Kevin Welsh, FAA Office of Environment and Energy (PDF Presentation)

Heathrow Airport Airspace and Future Operations Consultation by Kevin Walton, Heathrow Airport, London (PDF Presentation)

11:40 AM

Real World Results

Chairs: Ian Jopson, NATS & Jennifer Lewis, Metropolitan Airports Commission

Denver – A PBN Success Story by Mike McKee, Denver International Airport (PDF Presentation)

Using PBN as Noise Mitigation by Blake Cushnie & Jonathan Bagg - NAVCANADA  (PDF Presentation)

Plenary: Cost-effectiveness of the year-round use of the ‘TNNIS Climb’ in Queens, NY, USA by Brian Will, Queens Quiet Skies, Long Island University at Southampton & Zafar Zafari, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy ​​​(PDF Presentation 1 & PDF 2)

1:00 PM

Lunch + Exhibits

Lunch sponsored by Casper 

2:20 PM

Case Studies on Community Involvement: This session will share discussed recommendations for the FAA and Airlines on how to conduct community engagement in PBN implementation from the community Group Workshop and invite discussion from the FAA, Airlines and Airports. Initially, panel will offer live feedback and comments for discussion and then the floor will be opened up to audience discussion and comments.

Chairs: Dave Carbone, Lockridge Grindal Nauen & NOISE; Cathy Dunlap, O'hare Noise Compatibility Commission;  Anne Kohut, Airport Noise Report/Aviation Emissions Report; Lisa Waters, Florida Airports Council

(PDF Presentation)

Summary Document

Sunday's Community Workshop Delegate, Cathy Dunlap, ONCC

Sunday's Community Workshop Delegate, Janet McEneaney, Queens Quiet Skies

Airport Representative, Lisa Waters - President/CEO, Florida Airports Council

3:20 PM


3:50 PM

Legislative Update

Perspectives of legislative changes by NOISE by Emily Tranter, NOISE (PDF Presentation)

4:30 PM



5:00 PM

Welcome Awards Reception

Join us to hear who has received the Walt Gillfillan Award! Grab a drink and catch up with colleagues from across the nation and globe. 

Sponsored by Harris


Tuesday, March 5th

7:00 AM

Check-in and Breakfast

Continental breakfast sponsored by 01dB ACOEM Group 

8:00 AM

Keynote: Cecil Spaceport's Horizontal Launch Operations by Reusable Launch Vehicles (PDF Presentation)

Todd Lindner, Jacksonville Aviation Authority

8:50 AM


Chairs: John Pehrson, CDM Smith; Robbie Gross, KB Environmental

Developing a Roadmap to Achieve Zero Emissions at Airports by Cian Fields, Cadmus Group (PDF Presentation)

An Integrated Measurement and Modeling Study of UFP due to Aircraft  Operations at Boston Logan, by Sarav Arunachalam, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (PDF Presentation - waiting on permissions)

AEDT Development Goals by Joe DiPardo, Noise Division of the FAA Office of Environment and Energy (PDF Presentation)

ACRP 02-80 - Quantifying Emissions Reductions at Airports from the Use of Alternative Jet Fuels by Philip Soucacos, BAH (PDF Presentation)

10:20 AM


10:50 AM

High Tech Noise and Emissions Control and Reduction

Chairs: Robbie Gross, KB Environmental; Jim Hileman, FAA

Passenger Air Vehicle Noise Requirements by Yahia Ismail, Aurora Team (PDF Presentation)

Quieter Airplanes and Flight Operations – A Boeing Perspective by Terry Christenson, The Boeing Company (PDF Presentation)

Addressing Aviation Environmental Challenges through Technology and Fuels by Jim Hileman, FAA (PDF Presentation)

12:00 PM

Lunch + Exhibits

Lunch sponsored by EMS Brüel & Kjær

1:00 PM

General Aviation

Chairs: Alex Gertsen, National Business Aviation Association; Gabe Andino, Teterboro Airport

Airport Successfully Demonstrating the Commitment to Being a Good Neighbor by Diane Jackson, Naples Airport (PDF Presentation)

Noise and Vibration Engineering Embraer: Advancements in Aircraft Technologies by Micael Gianini Valle do Carmo, Team Leader, Noise and Vibration Engineering Embraer (PDF Presentation)

Community Roundtable by Brad Pierce, Centennial Airport (PDF Presentation)

2:10 PM


2:40 PM

Noise Issues on the Horizon

Chairs: Armando Tovar, Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority; Justin Cook, HMMH

UAS regulations/policy by Justin Towles, Ascension Global (PDF Presentation)

Noise and climate impacts of emerging commercial supersonic aircraft by Dan Rutherford, ICCT (PDF Presentation)

Addressing Environmental Concerns of New Entrants by Kevin Welsh, FAA

ADDITION: Noise and Emissions Characteristics of Commercial Supersonic Aircraft Propulsion System by Jayant Sabnis, MIT (PDF Presentation)

3:40 PM

End of conference!