2024 Pre-Symposium Trainings

The symposium offers an educational forum to better support attendee understandings of the program's content. The educational forum is designed to create a very basic level of understanding of the issues discussed throughout the symposium. The educational forum is for in-person attendees only; there will not be a virtual option available.

Educational Forum

Aims to engage participants in a dialogue and provide them with a practical understanding of real-world applications of noise and emissions and how they fit into the complex picture of environmental management, flight operations, and air navigation. The course is broken into several modules, each with a unique focus. Participants will walk away with a fundamental understanding of the subjects, allowing them to fully engage in the symposium sessions confident in their knowledge of the subjects.


Introductions (taxi out)

12:30 (15 min)

Science of Aviation Noise (takeoff)

12:45 (45 min)

Regulating Aviation Noise (climb)

1:30 (45 min)

Break (cruise)

2:15 (15 min)

Aircraft Performance and Noise (descent)

2:30 (15 min)

Air Traffic Control and Flight Procedures (final approach)

3:15 (45 min)

Aviation Noise Modeling (landing) 

4:00 (45 min)

Quiz and Wrap Up (taxi to the gate) 

4:45 (15 min)
Lead Instructor: 

Gregory Maxwell, Crawford, Murphy & Tilly (CMT)


Justin CookEnvironmental Science Associates (ESA)

Date & Time:

Monday, March 4th
12:30 p.m.- 5:00 p.m.

Register through General Registration
*Limited to 30 participants