Engage Through Sponsorship...

Sponsorship of the Aviation Noise & Emissions Symposium is vital to ensuring the cost of the event is kept low, enabling all participants to attend. Our community representatives, government employees, consultants and industry members can gain great value from our participating in this conference and can contribute their learned knowledge to your local area's aviation community. Organization sponsors will be seen as valuable contributors towards the continued discussion of noise and emissions abatement in aviation.

​While this year's program is a little different because it will be all hosted online, there are still a great many opportunities for aviation related organizations to showcase their work in relation to aviation noise & emissions topics. Virtual sponsors have the opportunity to engage ANE Symposium attendees through the virtual platform via text and video, through email communications, and by showcasing your work during the virtual sessions. 

This year we will be hosting the symposium on the virtual platform Pheedloop which allows for lead retrieval, one on one video sessions and many logo recognition opportunities. After reading through the 2021 Sponsorship Opportunities, reach out to Sandra Hall to discuss what would work best for your organization. 

Download the 2021 Sponsorship Package