Northern California TRACON Tour

Event Date

FAA Northern California TRACON building, 11365 Douglas Rd, Mather, CA 95655

Sign Up Required

Overview: The NorCal TRACON Tour will take place at the end of the Symposium on Wednesday, May 3rd. The tour will start with a 45 minute briefing and then groups of 6 will be allowed into the control room for 15 minutes each. This tour will be limited to 30 people max. 

Logistics: Participants will leave UC Davis at 3:15 PM. It takes about 40 minutes to drive to the facility. The tour will begin at 4:00 PM. Between the briefing and cycling people through the control room, the full tour may take up to two hours. Participants will be done with the tour at 6:00 PM at which time any carpooling groups will drive back to UC Davis. 

Depart UC Davis: 3:15 PM

Arrive back at UC Davis: 6:40 PM

Transportation: Transportation is the attendee's responsibility, however, we will assist with setting up carpooling based on the sign ups. 

RulesAll guests must have photo ID and must be US citizens. Guests will need to be processed through the guards and will go through metal detectors.  You will want to allow for additional time for this screening.  No electronics, cell phones, apple watches etc. can be taken into the control room and will need to be left in the conference room. No photography is allowed.

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Driving Directions:

Take I-80 E
Follow I-80 E and US-50 E to Zinfandel Dr in Rancho Cordova.
Take exit 17 from US-50 E
Follow Zinfandel Dr to Douglas Rd
Turn left on Douglas Rd
Northern CA TRACON is approximately 1/4 mile on the left

  • Note: There is no cost to park on-site

Questions?: Contact Sheri Hagoes at or AQRC Events Staff at

NorCal TRACON Tour