Community and Aviation Noise Officer Meetings

Pre-symposium meetings will occur on Monday evening before the conference. 

Grassroots Community Meeting

Monday, March 4th, 5:00 - 6:30pm  |  Hybrid Meeting

An opportunity for grassroots community organizers and members to engage in discussions and ask questions with:

Cindy Chavez, Supervisor, County of Santa Clara

Cindy Chavez is a national leader in the movement to end the use of leaded aviation fuel in the United States. Cindy authored the successful 2021 proposal to begin the process of closing San Jose's Reid-Hillview Airport (CA), located in a densely populated suburban neighborhood in San Jose's East Side.

Steve Taber, Partner, Leech-Tishman

Steven Taber, a Partner in the law firm Leech Tishman, has been involved with aviation related matters for over 20 years. Prior to private practice, Steve was an attorney with the Federal Aviation Administration. He now advises and represents community groups and municipalities on various aviation noise and emission issues involving commercial airports as well as general aviation airports. His practice includes the entire range of aviation and environmental laws, from ANCA and the Federal Aviation Act to NEPA and the Clean Air Act.

Hosted by: 

Darlene Yaplee, Aviation-Impacted Communities Alliance (AICA)

Note: This meeting is by invite only. Invitations will go out to registered members who are grassroots members of community groups. 

Aviation Noise Officers Meeting

Monday, March 4th, 5:00 - 6:30pm  |  In-Person

This meeting will be an informal discussion among Aviation Noise Officers and Aviation Emissions Officers where we will review the effects and processes of addressing aircraft noise. Topics include current community concerns, airport noise management practices and communication with both industry and public stakeholders.

Hosted by: 

Gabriel Andino, Teterboro Airport

Jerry Gerspach, Port of Portland

Note: This meeting is by invite only. Invitations will go out to registered members who are aviation noise or emissions officers.