Symposium Presenter Information

Thank you for agreeing to give an oral presentation at ANES 2024! Here is some information to help you set yourself up for success at the symposium. Additional symposium details will be emailed to you over the next few weeks and then added to the website here. Please bookmark this space for future reference. 

Presenter Tasks

Task Due Date Description
Register December 31, 2023 Register online here through Fourwaves with the discount code "2024SYMPOSIUMSPEAKER" for $150 off the current registration price. Early Bird Registration ends December 31st!
Presentation Information January 15, 2024 Presentation information, biography, photo & consent to record due online here.
Book Travel & Accommodations January 15, 2024 Book your hotel room online here and ensure your travel is set up. Discounted hotel rates end on Monday, February 5th, 2024 (also the last day to cancel without penalty).
Promote Your Presentation January 30, 2024

Share an attendance graphic stating that you will be presenting at the symposium with your colleagues, newsletter, LinkedIn Groups, and other professional organizations

Virtual Platform January 30, 2024

Join the virtual platform and ensure your presentation information is correct. You can upload a PDF of your presentation to prepare attendees ahead of time if you wish. 

Presentation PPT February 29, 2024 Upload a copy of your presentation as wide-screen PPT to this UCD Box Folder.
Consent to Record Due February 29, 2024 Please sign this document giving us consent to record and live stream the presentation to registered participants. If you have proprietary information you cannot share with the general public, we can remove the recording after the symposium. It can be uploaded here.


Presenter Documents & Uploads

Session Presentation Information

Session chairs will follow the Lead Slides created for their session. The session chair will welcome attendees, cover some logistics for in-person and virtual attendees, thank the sponsors and then introduce the session. Each speaker will give a live presentation after they are introduced by the session chair. All questions will be held until the end for the group Q&A. Once the Q&A has concluded the session chair will thank everyone and send the symposium off to break. 

Presentation Information

  • Your presentation will be 15 minutes in length, not including Q&A time. Please remember to practice your presentation to ensure it stays within the time limit. It is vital everyone stays on-time so that all presenters receive their share of time and questions are not cut short. Moderators will interrupt your presentation if you begin to go over-time. 
  • If you will be showing a PowerPoint to attendees, you will need to submit it to us before the conference. PowerPoint presentations are due February 29th at 5PM PST. The presentation must be in widescreen 16:9 format and saved as a PPTX file and saved as your full name. Your PowerPoint will be pre-loaded onto conference computers and you will control it through a slide advancer that you will point at the back of the room.
  • Once you have submitted your presentation, any substitutions or alterations will need to come to the tech table the day of the event on a flash drive.
  • If you are willing to share a copy of your PowerPoint with the audience, you may upload a PDF copy of it to the Virtual Platform.


During your session, presentations will occur back-to-back. Then the presenters of that session will participate in a group Q&A. Questions will be submitted from the audience via the platform. The platform will accept questions submitted through the phone app or the computer web browser. If an attendee does not have access to either of these, they can submit a question to a volunteer in the back of the room to be added to the platform for consideration. Moderators will have full discretion on which questions to ask live of presenters.

Conference Graphics

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Contact Symposium Manager Sheri Hagoes at or AQRC Events Staff at