Session Topics & Speakers

Defining a Clear Vision of Tomorrow's Challenges

Aircraft Noise Management ● Stakeholder Communications ● Aviation Emissions Reduction Efforts ● and Much More

Every year our Program Committee meets to brainstorm the most important topics facing the aviation industry with relation to noise and emissions problems and solutions. Our group shares the issues they have seen affecting constituents recently and issues just over the horizon.

Session Topics

Developing Elements of Success in Aviation Noise & Emissions Mitigation

Chaired By: Jennifer Landesmann, Sky Posse Palo Alto & Sandra Hall, Air Quality Research Center

Successful Practices to Improve Community Engagement

Chaired By: Jason Schwartz, ABCx2 & Ian Jopson, NATS

For aviation to operate and to meet the growing global demand sustainably, the industry needs to establish trust and understanding among its stakeholders and that of course includes impacted communities.  But how best to do this?  One thing is for sure, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution.  This session seeks to provide delegates with a broad range of insights from around the world to equip us with some clear and actionable learning about what works, what may not, and how we can be more effective in community outreach and engagement.

Noise and Emissions Legislation: Updates and Outcomes of the 2018 FAA Reauthorization Act

Chaired By: Veronica Bradley, Airlines for America & Jennifer Landesmann, Sky Posse Palo Alto

The 2018 FAA Reauthorization Act contains over 20 provisions related to aviation noise and emissions. This session will provide an overview and discussion on these provisions, including impacts on FAA’s research portfolio, and updates on related, relevant legislative and regulatory action since the Act’s passage.


Assessing Health Effects of Aviation Noise

Chaired By: Justin Cook, HMMH & Mary Ellen Eagan, HMMH


Non-Acoustic Factors in Aircraft Noise Annoyance

Chaired By: Jason Schwartz, ABCx2  & Anne Kohut, Airport Noise Report/Aviation Emissions Report

We all know that aircraft noise causes annoyance. But what many people don’t know is that so-called “non-acoustic” factors can be more important than actual noise level in triggering the annoyance response. This session will explain what non-acoustic factors of aircraft annoyance are and how a better understanding of them will aid airports and policy-makers in reducing annoyance.

Air Traffic Noise & Emissions Management in Practice

Chaired By: Jorge Rodriguez Cifuentes, MITRE Corporation & Jennifer Lewis, Metropolitan Airports Commission

Learn about how air traffic management concepts and new aircraft navigation technologies are being leveraged to lessen aircraft noise and emissions impacts on the communities surrounding airports.


Aircraft Operator Strategies for Reducing Noise & Emissions Impacts

Chaired By: Veronica Bradley, Airlines for America & Steve Alverson, Environmental Science Associates


General Aviation Noise Initiatives

Chaired By: Alex Gersen, National Business Aviation Association & Gabe Andino, Teterboro Airport


Climate Change and Aviation

Chaired By: Eric Lu, Ramboll, Brendan Reed, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, & Rachel Burbidge, EUROCONTROL

The aviation industry has implemented numerous measures over the last decade to reduce its carbon emissions, such as improving aircraft fuel efficiency, electrifying ground vehicles and equipment, and installing solar energy systems.  However, the industry must now amplify its efforts to meet Year 2050 global emission reduction goals to align with the IPCC’s 1.5°C target.  This session will explore - from multiple industry stakeholders’ perspectives - the “Big Moves” that are being pursued to decarbonize aviation.  The session will also highlight how the industry is preparing for the likely impacts from climate change, to reduce future risks and improve operational resiliency.    


Emerging Airspace Entrants

Chaired By: Yolanka Wulff, Community Air Mobility Initiative

This session will explore some of the new methods of transportation that are creating a decrease in noise and emissions in the aviation industry.

Aviation Emission Reduction Efforts

Chaired By: Robbie Gross, KB Environmental Sciences Inc & John Pehrson, CDM Smith