Current Registrants by Last Name

Below is a list of the current registrants, organized alphabetically by last name. You can view the list by organization here. Updated 3/11.

First Name Last Name Organization In-Person/Virtual
Renee Aivaliklis Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport In-Person
Jim Allerdice Vianair Virtual
Gabriel Andino Teterboro Airport In-Person
Joseph Annunzio O'Hare Noise Compatibility Commission (ONCC) In-Person
Jacob Attwood Port Authority of New York & New Jersey Virtual
Elena Austin University of Washington SPH In-Person
Teemu Auvinen Finavia - Helsinki Airport In-Person
Alicia Avery Community Member In-Person
Jonathan Bagg NAV Canada In-Person
Jamie Banks Quiet Communities Inc. Virtual
Miki Barnes Oregon Aviation Watch Virtual
Rosemary Barnes Aviatrix Communications In-Person
Korey Barnes DeKalb Peachtree Airport Virtual
Gary Barnson AMSCO Windows In-Person
Kristi Bascom Citizens League for Airport Safety and Serenity (CLASS) Virtual
Mel Beale Airport Working Group of Orange County In-Person
Maria Becce Quiet Communities Inc - New York Community Aviation Roundtable (NYCAR) In-Person
Ameya Behere Georgia Institute of Technology In-Person
Samantha Blymyer Centennial Airport In-Person
Rachel Burbidge Eurocontrol In-Person
Zachary Burch Naples Airport Authority In-Person
Freddy Burgueno CSDA Design Group In-Person
Anthony Cangey John Wayne Airport/County of Orange In-Person
David Carbone N/A In-Person 
Nicole Carcel Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) In-Person
Anthony Carpeneti San Francisco International Airport In-Person
Diane Carter The Jones Payne Group, Inc. In-Person
Cynthia Chavez County of Santa Clara In-Person
Iona Cheng UC San Francisco Virtual
Andrea Christensen Denver International Airport Noise Office Virtual
Lorenzo Clara King County International Airport Virtual
Justin Cook ESA In-Person
Kelsey Cote Casper Airport Solutions Inc. In-Person
Ken Cox Larson Davis In-Person
William Crawford Port of Seattle Virtual
Scott Cutshall Clay Lacy Aviation In-Person
Joseph Czech Harris Miller & Hanson Inc. In-Person
Mikhail Danilin The Boeing Company In-Person
Ryan Duckworth Port of Seattle Virtual
Ryk Dunkelberg Mead & Hunt In-Person
Susan Dvorak Community Member Virtual
Paris Edwards Port of Seattle In-Person
Terry Eisenbart The Aloft Group In-Person
Maura El Metennani O'Hare Noise Compatibility Commission (ONCC) Virtual
Heleen Erkamp Casper Airport Solutions Inc. Virtual
Tom Erkens Royal Netherlands Airforce In-Person
Chris Eubanks Centennial Airport Community Noise Roundtable In-Person
Mary Rose Evans Community Noise Forum Virtual
Tom Fagerstrom Port of Seattle Virtual
Kenley Farmer Airlines for America In-Person
Zaida Figueroa US EPA Virtual
Daniel Fink The Quiet Coalition In-Person
Tara Finnigan City of Newport Beach In-Person
Michael Fiscus Teterboro Airport Virtual
Carol Ford SFO Airport/Community Roundtable Virtual
Melanie Franceschini City of Newport Beach In-Person
Marie-Jo Fremont Concerned Residents of Palo Alto In-Person
Matthew Frenette Centennial Airport In-Person
Matt Friedman Caltrans Virtual
Gretl Gallicchio 10,000 Hawks In-Person
Dan Gardon Casper Airport Solutions Inc. Virtual
Jerry Gerspach Port of Portland In-Person
Alex Gertsen National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) In-Person
Cindy Gibbs BridgeNet International In-Person
Kallie Glover Delta Airlines In-Person
David Goebel Vashon Island Fair Skies In-Person
Alicia Gonzalez Quiet Skies Santa Monica Mountains Virtual
Robert Grotell PlaneNoise Inc. In-Person
Carol Gustavson CSDA Design Group In-Person
Philip Gwiner Envirosuite In-Person
Seth Hawes Dallas Airport System Virtual
Emanuel Hernandez HHJ Constructions Inc In-Person
Anne Hollander Montgomery County Quiet Skies Coalition Virtual
Michelle Hollis Port of Portland In-Person
Davi Howard San Mateo County Department of Public Works In-Person
Jacqueline Huynh UC Irvine In-Person
Brian Ishii EKNA Services, Inc. In-Person
Maggie Isied Clarity Movement In-Person
Sonja Jeram Dialogue Forum for National Airport Virtual
Sabrina Johnson US EPA In-Person
Bryan Johnson Community Researcher In-Person
Ian Jopson NATS In-Person
John Matthew Kane FAiR Chicago In-Person
Alison Kehrer United Airlines In-Person
Jennifer Kelsall O'Hare Noise Compatibility Commission (ONCC) In-Person
Bonira Khy ADM - Aeroports de Montreal In-Person
Peter Kirsch Kaplan Kirsch & Rockwell In-Person
Anne Kohut Airport Noise Report/Aviation Emissions Report In-Person
Martine Kraus Self Virtual
Jennifer Landesmann Sky Posse Palo Alto Virtual
Kevin Lane Boston University School of Public Health In-Person
Roman Lanyak SDCRAA Virtual
Matt Liknaitsky Sling Pilot Academy In-Person
Thomas Lintner Loudon Aircraft Noise Mitigation Committee In-Person
Xiaobo Liu Port Authority of New York & New Jersey In-Person
Liz Lopez SCREAAM Virtual
Eric Lu Ramboll In-Person
Jessica Martell PASSUR Aerospace In-Person
Richard Martin PASSUR Aerosapce In-Person
Gregory Maxwell Crawford, Murphy & Tilly In-Person
AJ McClure Port of Seattle In-Person
Amy McCoy Groton Ayer Buzz Virtual
Carolyn McCulley Noisy Skies Podcast/Loudoun Aircraft Noise Mitigation Committee In-Person
Ryan McCullan Port of Seattle In-Person
Lorena Mejia City of Ontario In-Person
Timothy Middleton HMMH In-Person
Marco Milanese Port of Seattle In-Person
Zack Miller Casper Airport Solutions Inc. Virtual
Elaine Miller Plane Sense 4 Long Island Virtual
Johannes Moenius University of Redlands In-Person
Geovanni Molina Port Authority of New York & New Jersey In-Person
Savannah Morgan DFW Airport


Clint Morrow BridgeNet International In-Person
Tami Mulcahy Sky Posse Los Altos In-Person
Robert Nemeth LAX/Community Noise Roundtable In-Person
Chris Nottoli Environmental Science Associates In-Person
Loren Olson City of Minneapolis In-Person
Melinda Pagliarello ACI-NA In-Person
John Pehrson CDM Smith In-Person
Gwen Pelletier CDM Smith In-Person
Linda Penniman Community Volunteer Virtual
Eric Peterson Santa Clara County Airports In-Person
Karen Porter Community Activist Virtual
Jonathan  Rathsam NASA Langley Research Center Virtual
Donna Reid Community Member In-Person
Eugene Reindel HMMH In-Person
Maria Reyes Cassell Community Virtual
Douglas Rice CalPilots Virtual
Jesse Richardson Port of Oakland Virtual
Bruce Rineer MDOT/Maryland Aviation Administration In-Person
Robert Rodine Van Nuys Airport Citizen Advisory Council Virtual
Erica Rohr OSD EI&E In-Person
Michele Ross Metropolitan Airports Commission Virtual
Alvin Royse SFO Roundtable Virtual
Dinesh Sanekommu Google LLC Virtual
Donald Scata DOT/FAA In-Person
Eric Schinfeld Port of Seattle In-Person
Denny Schneider Alliance for a Regional Solution to Airport Congestion In-Person
Adam Scholten DOT/FAA/AEE In-Person
Dulce Serrano Skyward Specialty Distribution In-Person
Julie Shane Portland International Jetport in Portland, Maine Virtual
Zachary Shields City of SeaTac, Washington In-Person
Mark Shull Aviation Impacted Communities In-Person
Rachel Simpson Dallas Airport System Virtual
Monica Singh Envirosuite In-Person
John Sistarenik Louisville Regional Airport Authority In-Person
Bob Slattery Louisville Regional Airport Authority Virtual
Chris Sorich City of Newport Beach In-Person
Anthony Stiegler Quiet Skies San Diego In-Person
Benedict Stuth City of Livermore In-Person
Andrew Swanson City of Palo Alto In-Person
Steven Taber Leech Tishman Fuscaldo & Lampl Inc. In-Person
Samuel Tan DFW Airport In-Person
Dharma Thapa Ricondo & Associates, Inc. In-Person
Ted Thrasher MITRE Corporation In-Person
Aaron Toffler Massport Community Advisory Committee In-Person
Radim Tomeš Prague Airport In-Person
Jocelyn Torres City of Ontario In-Person
Trent Tougas HMMH In-Person
Christine Turk Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport In-Person
Christian Valdes Landrum & Brown In-Person
David van de Velde Casper Airport Solutions Inc. Virtual
Gijs Van Laethem Greater Toronto Airports Authority In-Person
Guusje Van Vuure Royal Netherlands Airforce In-Person
Aaron Vaughn NASA Langley Research Center In-Person
Debi Wagner Quiet Skies Coalition In-Person
Randy Waldeck CSDA Design Group In-Person
Michon Washington FAA Virtual
Bill Wasmund Centennial Airport Community Noise Roundtable In-Person
Kathleen Wentworth SFO Airport/Community Roundtable Virtual
Beth White FAA In-Person
Amber Woodburn McNair Ohio State University In-Person
Cynthia Woods Greater Toronto Airports Authority In-Person
Darlene Yaplee Aviation Impacted Communities Alliance In-Person
Jared Yoshiki Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) In-Person
Adeel Yousef Port Authority of New York & New Jersey Virtual
Wig Zamore STEP: Somerville Community Equity Partnership In-Person
Kristine Zanardi Santa Clara County Virtual
Michael Zarum Management Consultant In-Person
Dominik Zimola Prague Airport In-Person