Below is a preliminary agenda that lists sessions, speakers and their times. We are still waiting to hear back from several speakers and will update this agenda when we have confirmations. Last update: 12/20/19


11:00 AM ..... Registration Opens

12:30 PM .... Pre-Symposium Trainings

Noise 101 - Greg Maxwell, Casper Steve Alverson, Environmental Science Associates (Register Here)

FAA & Environmental Reviews 101 - John Brandt, MITRE

4:30 PM ..... Group Meetings

ANO Annual Meeting - Sam Tan, DFW International Airport

Community Group Meeting - Jennifer Landesmann, Sky Posse Palo Alto, Sandra Hall, UC Davis

6:00 PM ..... Evening Concludes


7:00 AM ..... Registration Opens

8:00 AM ..... Opening Remarks & Welcome

8:10 AM ...... Plenary Presentation: 

Better Together ... Seriously!: Observations on Collaboration to Address Aviation Noise & Emissions

Dennis Probst, Vice President of Development, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority

8:55 AM ..... Successful Practices to Improve Community Engagement

Gordon Ferguson, Airspace Consultation and Stakeholder Engagement Lead, Heathrow Airport

Jonathan Bagg, Senior Manager, Stakeholder and Industry Relations, NavCanada

John Stewart, Chair, Heathrow Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise 

Ian Jopson, Head of Environmental and Community Affairs, National Air Traffic Services

Terry English, Federal Aviation Administration 

10:15 AM ..... Break

10:45 AM .... Noise and Emissions Legislation: Updates and Outcomes of the 2018 FAA Reauthorization Act Panel Discussion

Don Scata, Noise Division Manager, Federal Aviation Administration

11:45 PM ..... Lunch

12:45 PM .... Assessing Health Effects of Noise & Emissions

Mathias Basner, Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Truls Gjestland, Senior Research ScientistSINTEF

Junenette Peters, Assistant Professor, Boston University School of Public Health

2:00 PM ..... Break

2:30 PM .... Non-acoustic Factors in Aircraft Noise Impacts

Paul Hooper, Professor, Manchester Metropolitan University

Robyn Connelly, Director, Community Relations, Greater Toronto Airport Authority

Dirk Schreckenberg, Senior Researcher, ZEUS GmbH, Center for Applied Psychology, Environmental and Social Research

Sanford Fidell, Fidell Associates, Inc.

3:45 PM ..... Emerging Airspace Entrants

Gene Holloway, Chief Sustainability Officer, Aerion Supersonic

Dahlia Pham, Associate Mechanical/Aerospace Engineer, AMPAIRE

Yolanka Wulff, Co-Executive Director, Community Air Mobility Initiative

5:00 PM ..... Welcome Reception


7:00 AM ..... Registration Opens

8:00 AM ..... Opening Remarks

8:05 AM .... Air Traffic Noise & Emissions Management in Practice

Samu Tuparinne, Manager, Noise Management, Finavia

Mayor Arlene A. Juracek, Chair, O'Hare Noise Compatibility Commission

Rebecca MacPherson, Regional Administrator for the Great Lakes Region, Federal Aviation Administration

Representative, EUROCONTROL

9:20 AM .... Aircraft Operation Strategies for Reducing Noise & Emissions Impacts

Representative, United Airlines

10:35 AM ..... Break

11:00 AM .... Aviation Emission Reduction Efforts

Elena Austin, Research Scientist, University of Washington

Brendan Reed, Director of Planning & Environmental Affairs, San Diego Airport Authority

Tami McCrossen, Chief of Airport Planning, Los Angeles World Airport

Chris Dorbain, CLEEN Program Engineer, Federal Aviation Administration 

12:15 PM ..... Lunch 

1:15 PM .... Climate Change & Aviation

Rachel Burbidge, Environment and Climate Change, EUROCONTROL

Ralph Redman, Manager Airport Planning, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority

2:30 PM ..... Break

3:00 PM .... General Aviation

4:15 PM ..... Symposium Concludes